The bottle heater makes it possible to directly label cold-filled bottles (sparkling wine) by using self-adhesive labels. This recently conceived innovative machine has been designed by our technical department specifically for solving the problem of condensation during the labelling process.

The working process consists of 3 phases:

- The WASHING (on request), carried out mechanically by means of a motorized central brush and water at ambient temperature
- The HEATING, carried out in the heating tunnel, where the bottles go along a guided course, therefore the treatment time is the same for each bottle and the outlet temperature is the same too.
The heating is carried out by means of hot water at low temperature (25-30°C) so as not to act on the product temperature but only on the glass surface temperature. Furthermore, the heating is carried out gradually, so as to avoid thermal chocks and improve the cork sealing.
- The DRYING is carried out by means of hot air jets on a special conveyor which forces the bottles to turn on themselves.

Besides being essential for labelling in the above working conditions, this machine is the only one of its kind which can guarantee the traceability of the bottles, and this because during the heating process the bottles go along a guided course where the first bottle in comes out first, so as to guarantees a uniform treatment to all bottles.


The experience we have directly acquired in various wineries of different countries where the machine has already been installed has enabled us to improve the product within some years, so as to better respond to the demands of the customers, even the most difficult ones.

On request offers are drawn up according to the specific customer’s needs.